The Magic 8 Ball Fortune Teller

The Magic 8 Ball online is a great fortune teller device. It enables you to ask questions and get short, and to the point, answers that will help you move forward with things. An online Magic Eight Ball fortune teller is also very easy to access from your mobile device. It serves as a great decision-maker when you have difficulties in making up your mind. Let’s take a closer look in to how it works.

How To Use The Magic 8 Ball

The way you go about using the Magic 8 Ball online is to first prepare yourself with a question to ask. Make sure to ask the fortune telling 8 ball a question that can be answered with a simple yes or no. Don’t ask open questions because the eight ball can only give you short answers. When you are ready to ask, click on the Magic 8 Ball below. The ball will shake, and after a couple of seconds it will stop and reveal an answer for you. If you are on a mobile device, then you should also be able to shake your device to get the eight ball in motion. Try it out!

My reply is no

If you want to ask again, just click on the eight ball and it will load to its initial state. Ask the question out loud, and the click on the 8 ball.


Questions About The Magic Eight Ball

Is there such thing as a Magic 8 Ball fortune teller device?

Yes, there is a device. It is actually a toy that goes by the name “Magic 8 Ball”, and it is made out of plastic resembling a real eight ball. The real Magic 8 Ball came out in the 1950s, and the toy is currently own by the toy manufacturer Mattel.

Where can I buy a real Magic 8 Ball?

The best option would be to get one trough Amazon. They are cheap, but remember to buy the real one. The real fortune teller ball would the one that is manufactured by Mattel, which you can buy here.

What would be good questions to ask the fortune telling 8 ball?

As we mentioned earlier, stick with questions that can be answered with a no or yes answer. Both the real and the online Magic Eight Ball, will answer you with only a few words. In most cases only one word, so don’t try to ask open questions because you will not get a satisfactory respond. If you are interested in asking an open question, you are better off consulting a real fortune teller.

Who can use the Magic Eight Ball?

The fortune telling 8 ball can be used by anyone. Children can use it as a fun toy, and adults can also have fun with it. Some adults may have had one when they were children, which would feel like a nostalgia trip back to childhood. It does make a great gift for anyone.

It does not only need to be used as a fortune telling 8 ball, asking if you will win the lottery or not. Other people who could benefit from using the Magic 8 Ball would be those who have hard time making decisions. You can use the 8 ball as a decision-maker in your life. Instead of trying to decide whether to wear a blue shirt for the day or not, just ask the Magic Eight Ball. Simple as that!

What does the first Magic 8 Ball look like?

The first one came in a red and white little box. On the box it said: “Magic 8 Ball Fortune Teller”. It is not the same size as and eight ball in billiards, it is actually larger. However, it does resemble a real eight ball more than the new ones that are sold today.